• 7-12 buttons (D denotes double steps), STOP, START, and spare buttons for versatile functionality.
  • Up to 20 control contacts for comprehensive equipment management.
  • Battery voltage warning device ensures uninterrupted operation by cutting power during low battery levels.
  • Safety switch key prevents unauthorized usage, prioritizing safety at all times.
  • Easily customize button functions via computer interface for tailored control.
  • Program Up/Down, East/West, North/South to interlock or non-interlock as per your operational needs.
  • Flexible Power key programming options: start, toggle switch, normal, and more.
  • Spare buttons can be programmed for normal, interlock, toggle, start, and more.

Wireless Crane Control (8 Channel) Description

Seamless Crane Operation, Tailored to Your Needs

The F24 series wireless crane remote control system boasts an impressive range of 80 channels, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in environments saturated with remote signals. Its reliable frequency selection guarantees interference-free performance, providing a secure and efficient solution for industrial operations.

Advanced Design for Rugged Environments

Crafted with precision engineering and high-quality components, this system is built to thrive in challenging industrial settings. From extreme temperatures to dust-filled, high-vibration, and humid conditions, the F24 series adapts effortlessly. Its durability and intuitive operation make it an invaluable asset for any industrial setup.

Intuitive Transmitter Design for Safety and Efficiency

The transmitter’s emergency stop button, strategically located in the upper left corner, prioritizes safety and ergonomic functionality. When pressed, the system halts operation immediately and unconditionally, ensuring prompt response in critical situations. The redesigned shell material enhances durability while maintaining a lightweight, ergonomic profile.

Safety First: Unique Identity Code for Secure Operation

Each radio remote control system operates with its own unique identity code (ID-Code), ensuring that only the correct control unit can activate and manage its corresponding receiver. This added layer of security maximizes safety during operation. The system holds FCC and CE certifications, attesting to its compliance with rigorous safety standards.

Elevate your crane operation with the F24 series wireless remote control system. Effortlessly customizable and built to thrive in demanding environments, it’s the key to enhanced efficiency and safety in your industrial processes.


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