1000lb. Fixed Height Portable Steel Gantry Crane

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  • Sturdy Square Tubing and Channel Base: Ensures stability under load and during transport within your facility.
  • Customizable Height and Span: Easily tailored to support different spans and heights, maximizing its utility in numerous situations.
  • Collapsible Design: Folds down for convenient storage, preserving valuable workspace when not in active use.
  • Lead Time: 1-3 weeks
  • Material: Steel
  • Portable Gantry Crane
  • Capacity: 1100lb.
  • Height: 8ft., 10ft., 12ft.
  • SPAN: 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., 15ft., 20ft.
  • HUB: 10ft., 12ft., 15ft.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
  • Material: Steel

1000lb. Fixed Height Portable Steel Gantry Crane Description

This Admalite Fixed Height 1100lb. Portable Gantry Crane ensures the safest and most efficient material transportation within any facility. It boasts a robust construction with square tubing uprights and a channel base mounted on heavy-duty polymer casters that won’t scratch the floor. Each caster is equipped with its own locking brake to secure the crane while loaded.

Fixed Height Steel Gantry Cranes by Admalite are pre-engineered for compatibility with power or manual hoists. This gantry crane is ideally suited for both permanent and semi-permanent applications and may require fork truck assistance during the initial setup.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, this crane is the product of our team of skilled mechanical engineers, reflecting superior craftsmanship and engineering expertise.

  • Rated Load Capacity: 1100lb. (500Kg.)
  • Minimum Hub Height: 10 feet; Maximum Hub Height: 15 feet
  • Span: 8 – 20 ft.
  • I-Beam Depth: 5 – 10 in.
  • Trolley Travel: 6′-5″ – 18′-5.5″
  • Overall Height: 12ft. – 5in.
  • Weight: 296lb. – 1127lb.
  • Standard Steel Center Swivel Casters Wheel with brake.
  • *Factor of Safety (FOS): 4:1

Options & Accessories:

  • Tight Wire Kit (Festooning/”Tagline”): Keeps cables organized and out of the way.
  • Swivel Locks: Secures the crane’s position during operation.
  • Wheel Locks: Provides additional stability by preventing unwanted movement.
  • Rigid or ‘V’ Groove Casters: Offers choices in mobility to suit different floor conditions.
  • Hoist & Trolley Packages: Complete lifting solutions tailored to specific needs.
  • Motorization: Automated movement to reduce manual effort.
  • Aluminum Construction Available: A lightweight option that does not compromise strength.

Our gantry cranes are designed with robustness and reliability in mind, ensuring they meet the stringent safety standards expected in heavy-duty lifting operations.

To learn more about the usage and safety of gantry cranes, read our Gantry Cranes by Admalite section. If you want to explore all of our gantry crane offerings, visit our gantry cranes category section.

*The Factor of Safety (FOS) values provided are calculated based on the rated load capacity of the crane under specific testing conditions. These calculations assume the application of a static load, applied at the center of the I-beam and perpendicular to the ground. This scenario is designed to simulate typical operational conditions and may not cover all possible loading scenarios or misuse. Users are advised to operate the equipment strictly within the guidelines provided and consult an engineer for applications involving unusual conditions or higher risk factors.

Frequent asked questions

What’s the difference between a crane and a gantry?2024-04-27T02:44:36-04:00

A crane refers to the entire lifting mechanism, including boom, hoist, and other components. A gantry specifically refers to the structure that supports the crane, typically used to describe the framework in gantry crane systems.

How much do gantry cranes cost?2024-04-27T02:43:54-04:00

The cost varies based on capacity, span, and customizations. Admalite gantry cranes offer competitive pricing with detailed quotes available upon request, ensuring transparency and suitability for your budget and needs.

What are the disadvantages of gantry cranes?2024-04-27T02:43:18-04:00

While gantry cranes are incredibly versatile, they can be less ideal for operations that require high speeds or extensive vertical lifting because they generally operate at lower speeds and have height restrictions.

What is the difference between an overhead travelling crane and a gantry crane?2024-04-27T02:42:41-04:00

The main difference lies in their structure and mobility. Overhead travelling cranes are mounted on elevated runways and move along two rails. In contrast, Admalite gantry cranes are self-supporting and can be moved around on wheels or along a track system.

Why must a crane driver never drag a load?2024-04-27T01:56:41-04:00

Dragging a load risks destabilizing the crane, leading to potential accidents. Admalite’s training emphasizes correct handling techniques to prevent such hazards.

Do you need training to use a gantry crane?2024-04-27T01:56:17-04:00

Yes, comprehensive training is mandatory for operating any gantry crane safely. Admalite ensures that all operators are proficiently trained and meet or exceed OSHA standards.

Can you move a gantry crane while loaded?2024-04-27T01:55:56-04:00

It is possible but not advisable to move a gantry crane while loaded due to safety risks. Admalite recommends following operational guidelines and safety protocols strictly.

What are the advantages of a gantry crane?2024-04-27T01:55:37-04:00

Admalite gantry cranes offer exceptional portability, adaptability to varied environments, and are capable of lifting substantial loads with ease, enhancing operational efficiency in numerous industrial applications.

What is a gantry on a crane?2024-04-27T01:55:17-04:00

The gantry on a crane is the supportive structure that allows the crane to lift and transport heavy materials across the work area.

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